Police Woman hires assassins to kill over 8 family members after insuring them to claim insurance money


Wickedness in high places can only be defeated by believers who know who they are and Who they belong to. Jesus Christ has the power over every demonic influence and it’s time for the Church to arise to fight all the wickedness around us. Wickedness in high places destroys gender and God’s Creation of male and female. Wickedness in high places promotes abortion, the murder of the most innocent among us.

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In the African settings, it is mostly perceived by many that men are mostly Wicked but for a woman, not just a woman but a police officer to conceive evil thoughts to eliminate his family members and those with close ties is really unthinkable and diabolical.

Rosemary Ndlovu is a South African police lady and she contracted killers to  murder most of her family members for insurance benefits. The law enforcer insured her relatives before assassinating them..

In 2012 her cousin was killed she earned R131.000, then in 2013 her sister was killed she received R717.000 from the insurance company. Then her boyfriend in 2015 was killed and she got R416.000,  her niece was slain in 2016 which also earned her R120.000.

The killings continue and in 2017 her nephew and her little sister were eliminated from this earth. Just like the previous year, in 2018 she hired hitmen for her 80 year old Mom but they ran. Within that Same year her Nephew also died. Then recently she contracted killers to kill her sister and 5 kids to be burned alive in a house the youngest being 5 months

The police carried out an operation involving a hidden camera which captured Ndlovu in the front seat of the private cop’s car instructing the “hitmen” how to kill her sister and her sister’s five children. In more released footage, Ndlovu spoke about how easy it was to steal weapons secretly.

She was subsequently arrested and arraigned before court. Ndlovu is testifying in the Palm Ridge magistrate’s court and has explained her behaviour in the footage is all an act. She rejects all the charges against her.

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