Politicians Are Taking Us For Granted; Avraham Ben Moshe Tells Youth


There Is A Wind Of Change Blowing For The Youth To Stand Up

Nobody Borrows To Spend

The Future Generations Will Blame The Youth For Not Waking Up Now

Avraham Ben Moshe the leader and founder of common sense family has also shared his sentiments on the current state of the nation.

He asserted that the citizens are the main cause of the nation’s problems and the insults has gotten their attention to fix things in the country.

There is a wind of change blowing and if the youth doesn’t stand up, future generations will blame us. Our politicians have taken us for granted.

The president said we sit on wealth yet still we are hungry. Any father or guardian whose children don’t have food to eat, don’t have shelter, don’t have drinking water and proper education and you live a lavish lifestyle is a fool.

You can watch the full video below

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