Popular Angel Tv presenters who married beautifully finally remove rings: Wife confirms weeping sadly


The most painful thing in life is getting married to a man who will keep reminding you of your past. Xandy took this marriage as world cup insulting anyone that made a comment against her.

I could remember during one of her life videos, she insulted a fan’s mom because she said she wasn’t looking happy in the video. But nevertheless, every married man respects his home no matter the number of the ‘other women”.

Fast forward, in a Facebook live, Xandy Kamel kept wiping her tears on Facebook as she confirmed that her husband King Kaninja has removed their matrimonial ring, deleted all their wedding photos from Instagram and changed his Marriage status as single.

16th May, 2020 was the wedding date for the two Angel TV Presenters. Witnessed by many prominent people in an expensive setting, everything has suddenly turned upside down a little over one year. 

” He has removed the rings. I’ve also done the same. Let me confirm it to the public today. We’re no more together. However, until we dissolve the Marriage in court for me to get whatever is due for me, I remain his wife and won’t tolerate any other woman ” Xandy Kamel confirmed.

The Wedding of the two TV stars was the talk of the moment as Xandy Kamel shaded women with flat tummies to also get married. This is because, even with her pot belly, she has gotten a responsible man.

You can watch the video below


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