Popular Priest boldly alleges most Ghanaian celebrities don’t tell the true source of their wealth


A gentleman who identified bins as a Priest if secret cult is shaking some serious tables that most celebrities will be shaking right within themselves.

It’s no secret how some of our public figures display luxurious properties that they intend to send a signal to the public just how rich and wealthy they are.

There has already been allegations that some of this properties they display looks too expensive for them to acquire judging by what they are known for as their profession leading many questions about their real source of financial income.

Well the priest in question right now is just opening more keys on the earlier thoughts that many of this known people acquire their expensive things through different ways of making money.

In an interview with Zion Felix, the unknown priest who revealed a huge number of Public figures in the country visits him and get money money through occultism.

However they use their profession to cover up to make people believe that is their true source of income which is not. He went on to use himself as an example when he confessed to using his money gained from his grand occult lord to invest into real estate to avoid people questioning his source of income.

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