“Power wants to show us where power lies,We have got the message, You have the power now,But not forever.”-Gary Al-Smith


Journalist of Multimedia Gary Al-Smith has said Power does not last forever in a recent post made on his personal Facebook account.

It is unclear why he said that but Yesterday around 4pm, News broke that heavily armed police officers stormed the Adabraka Premises of Citi Fm to arrest some of their journalists notably Zoe Abu Baidoo and Caleb Kudah.

According to reports, Caleb Kudah took videos of some national security installations Last Sunday and passed the video to Zoe Abu Baidoo who is his colleague at Citi Fm and Tv.

Their arrest was met with mixed reaction On social media as some social media users attributed the arrest to some videos Caleb Kudah did at the Independence Square when the Police Service sent their men to be on guard to prevent the “Fix The Country” protestors from demonstrating as ordered by court.

A report by Citi Fm suggest that Caleb’s arrest was triggered by a video he took of national security installations around the Accra Sports stadium of which he sent copies of the images and video to his colleague Zoe Abu Baidoo

However, in a post shared via his personal Facebook page Mr Gary Al Smith said Power wants to show us where power lies.We have got the message, You have the power now,But not forever.

It is unclear if it’s in reaction to the reported arrest of a colleague journalist Caleb Kudah or just a random thought.

Gary Al-Smith is an award winning journalist with the Multimedia group, before joining Multimedia few years ago, he was with Citi Fm.

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