Eno Be Juju Be That: Bridget Otoo’s worker who stole her 1000 cedis instantly Fell Sick


Bridget Otoo is Into the sale of cement and building material

-She recounted how one frank who works for her absconded with her 1000 cedis but fell sick weeks after he did that.

Journalist and entrepreneur Bridget Otoo has shared an experience of her former worker who stole 1000 cedis from her fell sick moment after he absconded with the money to his hometown.

In a Facebook post she made, Bridget revealed that the worker called frank went to offload bags of cement to a customer upon which he was given 1000 cedis.

After taking the money, he left to Nkonya his hometown with the money without returning.

She was there when she received a call from parents of Frank asking for forgiveness because their son had fallen ill.

They even sent her 600 cedis instantly out of the money he stole from her.

She said “There’s one guy called Frank from Nkonya, he went to offload cement and the customer gave him 1000 to drop off at the shop, he parked the motor and ran away. He went to his hometown I never called him, I was there and an old man called me that his son (Frank) has been sick since he returned to his hometown, he was calling to beg me to let him go I said boss, I haven’t done anything to your son, it’s his conscience that is eating him up. They later transferred 600 cedis to me… You steal and think someone is doing juju on you. Just don’t steal!!!

Bridget Otoo has earlier announced that another worker of hers was wanted for stealing her from her.

This was a follow up post on the earlier post she made shearing her ordeal in her business.

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