First Lady is refunding all allowances collected since 2017.


The office of the First Lady Rebecca Akufo Addo has responded to issues of she getting paid by the government.

In a release, the First Lady said based on recent reaction on the issue of the wife of the President getting paid, she has opted to refund all allowances she has received from January 7th 2017 back to the state.

The release said an amount of 899,097.84 is the total allowance Rebecca Akufo Addo has received since her husband was sworn in to become President.

The release further state, the First Lady is further going to stop taking any allowance that state will pay her on other not to be seen as someone who does not care about the plight of the citizens.

In the last 48hours, the President and his immediate family have come under fire from Ghanaians by trying to pay salaries to his wife and other wives of other past president of Ghana including the wife of the Vice President.

The attempt has been met with serious concerns of how Ghana is wasting money in this period of national hardship.

Mrs Akufo Addo through her director of Communication has said, she is not interested in any of such monies and has said she is going to refund all monies paid to her since she became First Lady.

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