Prisella Tsegah, The Beautiful Gh Media Student Declared Missing Has Been Found Dead


Prisella Tsegah a 23 years old girl was declared missing

A search was conducted to locate the final year student who went missing two weeks ago

Fast forward the young girl has been found but not among the living

Ritual killings has been happening on a daily basis. This phenomenon is new to the Ghanaian society. With the influx of foreigners and lapses in our security, issues of such kind will occur.

As earlier reported a student of Gh Media institute who resides in Taifa in the Greater Accra Region was Declared Missing some time few weeks ago.

Family and friends tried to reach her for over a month but to no avail
Her landlord also confirmed that she hasn’t been home for about two week.

The beautiful Tsegah Priscilla was in her final year and read Media arts. Things took a bitter turn, when the person who announced her missing came out with a new development.

The gentleman wrote on his Facebook page that the girl declared missing has been found dead. She was brutally killed in cold blood and investigations are ongoing.

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