Prophet reveal hidden secrets about Castro’s disappearance, give directions to family on what to do to bring him back.


Just days ago, Legendary Musician, Castro was declared dead on the basis of Law after all attempts to find him back failed since his disappearance seven years ago.

When it seems all hopes are lost, A gentleman who identified himself on Facebook as ‘His supremacy Cosmos Walker Affran’ is out with some huge allegations and claims that he knows the whereabout of the late Castro.

He gave a long detail of where he is currently and what steps the family has to take if they indeed want the musician back.

In a Facebook post, the self acclaimed supremacy man wrote;

“A message to the family of Musician Castro about his disappearing . Castro people should look for a fetish priestess around Takoradi which is western region.”

“They should consult the priestess for her to lead them to the sea side of Takoradi ,There is this Goddess who lives in the sea in Takoradi called ( ” Ana “) young giant fair woman,when they go , the priestess should evoke ( Goddess Ana) who lives in the Ocean over there and when she comes, they should request the returned of Castro from her in a humbly way .”

“What ever the ( Goddess Ana) will demand for the release of Castro , they should offered to her .Castro had a contract with her (Goddess Ana) and he (Castro) breach the contract.” He advised

Castro and his alleged girlfriend Janet drowned while riding a jet ski during their vacation in Ada Estuary and has since not been found seven years ago but the man claimed Castro is yet to even spend 8 days at his current location Because out there, 12 months is equivalent to 1 day.

“Goddess Ana came for him. Castro has been with her for 7 days in the underworld since she took him there and which is 7 years in this human world.There is big difference between our human time here on earth and the time in the underworld.”

“One day in underworld is one year on earth.They should plead with her on behalf of Castro and offered her all her demand because Castro is with Goddess Ana in the underworld.”

“If Castro people do it,( Goddess Ana )will forgive Castro and she will release Castro to go or come back to his people in this human world after 70 days , after they engage her.”

“They will have Castro back home after 70 days This message was given to me by a Divine Angel of God who also lives in the Ocean.” He said

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