Protecting the public purse; Video of the President over 42 convoys shocks Ghanaian taxpayers


Seeing the tape, one could notice a caravan of the newest version of Toyota and Lexus V8 lined up on the parking lot of the Takoradi Air force base like a packet of bees flying out. Unbelievable scene as the numerous autos leaves many astonished.

Every day, people provide summaries of how they saw the President on a highway trip across the nation, and what they can not simply dismiss the amount of vehicles belonging to the escort. Several people have seen happenings and complain the absence of moderately living with which the President activities, even though, it commenced an alarming less than 20 automobiles, it has increased to, now, more than 40 influential and costly cars. 

The video shared on a popular political activist that was posted online, on public outlets this morning gives the feeling that, the President does is not bent on protecting the public purse and even think about what the taxpayers believe. From the video, one could s more than 42 vehicles, nearly all in the same type and brand.

The topic of Presidential guard has occurred on the political plate for a while presently, and Ghanaians have talked about this unfair lavishness of the taxpayers’ wealth through such an indulgence, yet, it proceeds to occur from President after President, and it keeps getting worse. 

The similar circumstance happened to the extent that, the Presidency had to publish a declaration on who is authorized to join the President’s staff. But, after the election of 2020, we are back to square one. 

The quantity of cars isolated could not have been a problem, but its consequences on this unstable economy is what many find frightening and harsh. Mind you, this newest Lexus V8 cost not less than $100,000 each. Guess having this in about 40 convoy with free fuel at the expense of the taxpayer is totally unacceptable.

The President must start to exhibit some level of admiration to the same public purse he pledged to uphold. His craving for elegant life is not commensurate to the living standard of the large community of the nation he presides over.

You can watch the video below

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