QNET – A real Networking Business Opportunity or Just another Scam


One of the most talked about Business ideas that has become a major topic of discussion now is QNET. Even though it reportedly arrived in Ghana and has been in existence for closely four years now, it is gaining massive recognition due to the controversies surrounding it’s genuineness.

According to the Networkers, Your investment that ranges from GHS 3,000 and above is all about buying a certain product from them and being able to sell that product to at least two new comers and you are good to start making some amount of money on weekly basis. Interestingly, it looks like a networking chain that they claim makes your level of income increases as the two new comers you introduced are also able to introduce new faces.

The main confusion in this is that there are many who claim to be successful with their attempt and benefiting from it just as many also who are shouting out loud that it is a complete Scam which they fell victims of.

The Networking company is said to originate from Malaysia and has gone on to associate it’s brand in a sponsorship deal with some big names out there. Currently, they are official partner of English Premier League Champions, Manchester City. QNET also once sponsored an African Cup of Nations Tournament, just recently they donated some huge items to the Ghana Police Service which they happily received.

QNET’s partnership with Manchester City

Now the main question here is “is it possible for big football team in the name of Manchester City to affiliate with a brand that is not genuine? Same question should be asked about CAF. Could it also be that it is a legit business up there and some people smartly took advantage of it to dupe others in Ghana? As for the Ghana Police Service, let’s not ask ourselves many questions, we may get migraines.

As a team trying to establish some facts, we held a one on one chat with Mavis who based at the Tema Branch of QNET and during our discussion she made it known to us she has been in the said Business less than 5 months now but has been able to sell her products to two other people, as a result receiving her weekly income, an amount she fail to tell us.

Unlike Mavis, same cannot be said about Patience who found herself in the Wa branch of QNET after her new boyfriend convinced her to take an amount of 4,500 from her mother to start a 13 hours VIP Bus journey to the Upper West Regional Capital all in the name of setting up a business together with her partner, to her it’s past one year now and she has still not been able to introduce a single face which means she wakes up, dresses up and get to the office just like any other employee but has not been able to make a dime out of it. Sadly, there’s no way she can step her foot home without carrying her mother’s money along as she promised her based on the discussion with her new found love prior to joining the business.

From our conversation with these QNET Investors, there are two facts everyone should consider.

  1.  Should there be the case that someone purchased their product as required and has been able to introduce two new faces but still not received any form of payment, then we can establish that QNETis a complete Scam and no one should be fooled into it.
  2. If indeed those who introduce new faces are getting paid as Mavis claim, then it could also be that those who are raising alarm for it being a Scam failed to bring at least two new comers to register as required. Let’s take Patience for example, she isn’t getting anything out of it because she is yet to fulfill her part by introducing two people but she may also brand QNET as scam should she decide today that enough is enough and walk away from her money.

Whichever way it is, Networking Business is a risky one that can lift you up or pull you down, it’s ending is never predictable.

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