Ras Nkrabea, the Achimota student who was refused admission receives $160,000 scholarship from a top school


Following the decision by the Attorney General and Achimota School who have filed an appeal for the court to rescind its decision for the school to admit two students wearing dreadlocks: Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea, one of the students has been granted a scholarship.

Initially, the students dragged the school to court when it declined to grant them admission because of their Rastafarian beliefs which involves the wearing of dreadlocks.

The latest appeal by the Achimota School and the Attorney-General’s office explained the court failed by demonstrating that the statutes and restrictions of Achimota School with regard to guaranteeing uniformity in appearance is illegal and infringes with the practice of one’s religious rights.

According to reports making rounds, one of the students has been accepted by the Ghana International School which has even given him a scholarship. Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea has been granted a scholarship to join the top school for his Junior High School education.

This was made known in a Facebook post by the student’s uncle Kojo Meziah Baako,who posited that  Nkrabea has been awarded full scholarship worth USD$ $160,000 at GIS.

My nephew Oheneba NKRABEA received a full scholarship at the GIS Ghana International School valued at $160,000 in the most prestigious school in Ghana. “While the battle is in court and our struggle continues to defeat neo-colonialism!!!”

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