Revelations About Edwin Sodi’s Birth Place, Biography And Early Influences.


Millionaires in South Africa can not be listed out with hearing Edwin Sodi’s name as his wealth has put him in the spotlight.

He also happens to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blackhead Consulting. Here is a view of everything you desire to know about him.

Quick Profile Summary Of Edwin Sodi.

Full name: Edwin Sodi.

Place of Birth: Pelana in Bolobedu, Limpopo.

Profession: Businessman.

Marital status: Divorced (Nthateng Lerata).

Edwin Sodi Was Brought Up By A Father Pastor.

The controversial businessman was born in a village of Pelana in Bolobedu, Limpopo. His date of birth and actual age still remains a mystery since he has never talked about it.

Many information about the millionaire’s early life such as his educational background, his mother and other relatives have not been discussed in the public domain.

However, he was known to had been raised by a very disciplined home with a father who was a pastor.

There is no doubt about where he was raised from since it has positively impacted his life well, making him humble.

Issues Related To Edwin Sodi’s Unstable Family.

Contrary to the successful story of the millionaire, his Relationship affairs has been terribly unfavorable to the businessman.

First of all, he got married to his first wife Nthateng Lerata in 2012. Unfortunately, they parted ways after three years time in 2015 due to accusation of stealing.

Edwin Sodi accused his ex-wife to had stolen a sum of R1 million he left in the house in addition to his Rolex, Panerai and other expensive jewelleries when he traveled overseas.

To his surprise, he returned home to find a new Bentley bought by his wife. This tend to be the major cause of their divorce.

After the divorce with his ex-wife, Sodi got into another relationship with Disebo Makatsa who was already engaged to DJ Sbu.

Just before a blink of an eye, the relationship ended as the businessman dumped Disebo for Kefilwe Mabote in 2019. After a year later, they went their separate ways.

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