Ronaldo earns $215 every minute and about $3.60 per second


According to checks, Ronaldo is the richest footballer in the world. The Portuguese footballer has broken so many records whilst setting is own pace for others to follow. He’s now in competition with his own past records.

Analysis into the salary the well decorated footballer earns currently by ‘football transfer’ revealed the following details.

Considering the endorsement deals and salary the footballer receives, he earned $117m last year, 2021.

Earning $117m last year means Cristiano Ronaldo has a monthly pay package of around $9.75m and a weekly wage of $2.25m.

Each day, Ronaldo earns approximately $320,000. What’s more, the Portuguese star has an hourly rate of $13,000. That means he earns $215 every minute and about. $3.60 per.

It’s very difficult for an average fan to comprehend this amount of money a player is receiving overtime.

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