Run for your life: Referee Maxwell Hanson being chased and beaten mercilessly after awarding a penalty kick against BA united


Division One football: The scenes at the Sunyani Coronation park between RTU and BA United game is another example of barbaric football fans attacking Referee Maxwell Hanson for awarding penalty to RTU and it’s very terrible. God help Ghana.

The referee has to learn, understand, interpret and apply 17 laws in a game, where spectators are expecting no mistake from them, the referee has no friend.

The referee has to make a decision in a split of seconds and that decision will definitely have a positive or negative effect on one team or the other, the referee has no friend.

Supporters Start pointing accusing fingers at the referee at every decision that they makes, forgotten that they can’t satisfy both teams at the same time on each decision that they makes, the referee has no friend.

Whenever a team wins, what you hear is “ today the players played well so they deserved the win” you will never hear anything about officiating but if this same team loses, what you will hear is “ the referees were bias, they cheated us. God will punish them” the referee has no friend.

It is common to see referees being insulted for the mistake of a player. Mostly a good referee is the one who awards their team a Penalty kick be it genuine or wrong. The referee has no friend.

When a team loses hardly will u see supporters attacking players for poor performance or the coach for wrong or poor tactical play but its very common seeing referees being attacked and beaten sometimes to death for poor performance hhhmmm what a bias world we are in, the referee has no friend.

Sunyani coronation park must be indefinitely banned. BA United since time immemorial has never learned their lesson of attacking referees at the coronation park. The team has not seen progress because of assaulting referees, there was a time a referee ear was sparked like a car.

You can watch the video below

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