“Sad he died without paying for the deaths of 115 people in his church in 2014” – Nigerian Journalist continues Attacks on TB Joshua


– Sandra Ezekwesili has fired anorther shot at TB Joshua again following his death.

– The Nigerian Broadcast Journlist has confirmed she has no good memory of the late Preacher

– This is the third she is has sent controversial tweets Talking about TB Joshua since he was announced dead

If you think Sandra Ezekwesili’s earlier tweets lashing out at the late TB Joshua are typing errors, then you have to reconsider your conclusion as she dropped another bombshell that proves she is serious about her assertion of the highly respected Preacher.

While everyone is busy Mourning the dead, Sandra has rather took to his Twitter handle to start a beef with him, Questioning his true life in Christianity. She even claimed the man of God was irresponsible as a leader and his Ministry only did lot of damages.

Recall that TB Joshua’s Synagogue building collapsed back in 2014 which reportedly took about 115 lives and Sandra’s new tweet against him was targeted towards that direction.

“Sad he died without paying for the deaths of 115 people in his church in 2014. If there is an afterlife, may he pay there.” She wrote

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