Sad: I don’t know my father, I was told he is dead- Kwadwo Sheldon reveals.


Blogger Kwadwo Sheldon has opened up on us immediate family in an interview with Delay.

In his explanation about who his father is, The host of Yawa of the day said he didn’t know his father and that he only grew up around his bigger and grandmother.

He added there was no connection but maintained he didn’t get to see his father.

He also revealed he is 26 years old, he has rented a 3 bedroom apartment of which he is using one room as his studio among others.

When Delay asked him why he was worried about his dream when his YouTube channel was pulled down against him going after the dream of John Dumelo to become an MP, Sheldon said he is a card beating member of the NPP.

Notwithstanding, he was not pleased with how Dumelo was hugging people as means of luring them for their votes to gets to parliament.

He spoke extensively on issues with singer Sonnie Badu and why he got critical of him on issues of his PhD certificate among others.

On why he and Teacher Kwadwo got thing heated up on social media his explanation is captured in the full interview below.

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