Sam George recounts how Former President Kufuor gave him a hard knock on his head after reveling to him his intention to stage a coup to overthrow his government


Ghanaian Politician who is representing the people of Ningo Pram-pram as their member of Parliament, Sam George narrates the action former president Kufuor took when he heard of his earlier intentions to overthrow his then government.

The MP recently revealed he was burning with so much desire in him to join the Ghana Arm Forces for a particular purpose and that is to lead a coup to Overthrow Former President JA Kufuor’s government back in 2005.

His reason being that he felt the then President was Maltreating JJ Rawlings after he was sworn inn as the President of the Republic of Ghana.

“my dream was to go into the Army and stage a coup because I didn’t like President Kufuor that much at the time. I thought he was maltreating Rawlings,” He said in an interview of 3FM.

This is something that is so shocking and everyone will be wondering how the former president’s reaction will be if he finally gets to know of this plan against him.

According to Sam George The former Leader just drew him closer and gave him a knock after he told him about his wicked plans against him.

“President Kufuor has been a very good person to me. said to him that Dad, look at me and you sitting in your house and coming to you for advice.“….He asked why? And I said when I was leaving the university in 2005, I wanted to enter the army and stage a coup and take you out because of the way you were treating Rawlings….He drew me closer to him and gave me a knock,” Sam George added

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