Samira Or Ramatu; Socialite asks who is entitled to receive the salary of the second ladyship as wife of Bawumia.


News that the spouses of the President and Vice President of Ghana will be officially enjoying salaries from the government has been scorned by some Ghanaians.

A new arrangement approved by the seventh parliament will see the spouses of the first and second gentlemen of Ghana officially being paid salaries instead of the previous practice of paying them allowances.

Maa Rebecca has built a number health infrastructure and building libraries across the nation. She’s championed some state activities in its forward match.

Why are people questioning their contributions to the state that merit them salaries paid. The amount may be huge and we can debate on that, but for any to suggest they do no work for state isn’t a fair judgment.

Their positions as 1st and 2nd lady alone comes with responsibilities that they try to fulfill. The state owe them some honor.

There are many other things we aren’t doing right as a nation. But I doubt paying a 1st lady is one of them. In fact they’ve been receiving allowances for long. Former 1st and 2nd have been receiving.

Would u have a 1st lady, say the wife of late Mills live on the benevolence of others when the state can take care of her with some little allowance. If it’s huge it need be reduced but i won’t suggest they don’t deserve it.

Fast forward, critics of the vice president Mahamadu Bawumia are asking who will be entitled to the monthly salary, Samira or Ramatu.

It is believed the first wife of the vice president is Ramatu and they are asking who will be earning the salary.

Government says it has accepted the recommendation by the article 71 office holders emoluments committee to put spouses of Nana Addo and Bawumia on a formalized salary structure.

This it believes will help the spouses live honourably when they go out of office. So now we are paying huge taxes so that beautiful Rebecca, Samira, and Ramatu can each take home 21,000 as salary and 87,000 as allowance every month for making their husbands happy.

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