“Sarkodie is king” Top Nigerian media house begs Sarkodie for just five minutes of interview – Video


Sarkodie will persist to dominate the rap genre and continue to reign for a very long time time both locally and internationally. On the continent, none can be compared to him. Let all the rappers in a particular country represent, the presence of the King will affect the servants to become humble.

Talk of his unique rapping style which he emulated from American top rap artiste Busta Rymes, the talent has this lyrical dexterity that is unmatched. His ability to flow for hours consistently has earned him the respect that is accorded to none of the African rappers.

In addition, the gentleman has won several accolades and the number of awards seems to be uncountable earning him the spot of the AFRICAN KING OF RAP.

A video sighted by Cbgist indicates that the King is really wanted in Nigeria and these people who can boasts of all the big musicians are begging for the mere presence of the King. M.I Abanga, seems to be the highest rapper among them and they are waiting for a rap battle between the two.

In a studio discussion, the panellists compared the two by placing their songs and were wondering who was the best. One of them requested that Sarkodie should grant them just five minutes of his time and appear in the studio. This plea according to the gentleman will determine who is the best among the two.

You can watch the video below:

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