“Sarkodie should be the one calling himself Rockstar not Kuami Eugene” Columbian Rapper drops bombshell


– Columbian Rapper DC Dementor question Kuami Eugene’s decision to brand himself Rockstar.

– DC Dementor reveals Sarkodie’s level of music game is what qualifies to be called Rockstar

– He made this wild claims in an interview with MzGee

Colombian rapper born Andres Eduardo Martinez and known professionally as MC Dementor is baffled why Kuami Eugene is referring to himself as a Rockstar.

The Reigning Ghanaian artist of the year nicknamed himself Rock Star and even dedicated the name to his 13 track list Album “Rockstar Album” but he isn’t qualified to own the name in the Ghanaian music Scene according to DC Dementor.

Speaking in an interview with MzGee the Columbian explained Sarkodie’s ability to make the Ghanaian English sound good in his Rap qualifies him to be a Rockstar and that is something Kuami isn’t known for.

“No, he is not a rockstar. He sings nice and can call himself an afro-pop star but not a rockstar. Because rockstar is somebody that makes rocks, and his music is not rock.” DC Mentor said while answering questions on Kuami Eugene’s Rockstar nickname.

He continued to argue that His claim is no disrespect to the Angela hitmaker and he can go ahead to pock powerful nicknames like but does not simply qualifies to be a Rockstar

In fact, he can put something related to rock, but in trending, he is not related to a rockstar. Bogota is a rockstar. I am a rockstar. The real rockstar l’mam watching artiste on the internet, and I saw Sarkodie. I must say that he is dope.

I can say that Sarkodie is our rockstar, and I am another rockstar and yeah, the way he raps, his voice is hard and on point. and I saw that this is the country I should be in,” he stated

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