Scoop Wants AKA To Tell The Truth.


After AKA’s interview with Thembekile Mrototo, a lot of people have been sharing differing views on the entire incident.

Most of these people poked holes in his interview and body language experts paid close attention to the emotions displayed saying they are not corresponding to what he said.

In all, one person who wishes the AKA never even sat down with Thembekile was Scoop Makhathini. 

Although many felt as though the interview was a big mistake on AKA‘s part, Scoop gave reason as to why he feels that way.

To begin with, Scoop’s views come from a place of care because he is and has always been a great fan of AKA.

According to the presenter who interviewed AKA, he said that AKA owes it to himself and to the Tembe family to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Also, Scoop feels as though AKA should not care about restoring his image because a family lost a daughter.

He should not care about pushing brands, making music and he should also put the Megacy aside, and just focus on giving the Tembe family some much needed closure.

“I don’t care about doing interviews, beyond doing an interview and telling my (AKA) side of the story for whatever reason, I’m (AKA) just obligated to go to the family and be honest with the family. For their child’s sake and for my (AKA’s) peace sake” Scoop said.

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