Security Men don’t have the power to search people’s pocket for money especially road officers: Doumbouya warn service men


Africa is the best and is looking for the best leaders to make it the number one continent in the world. Most of the leaders Africa has are bad, dictators and don’t have the ideas to make Africa better. African leaders have certain characteristics; Controlling the army, police, or the forces because they don’t want to be challenged.

They make sure all government organs function in their favor and subsequently using the law enforcement agencies to achieve their parochial interest.

These same security personnel are also used to intimidate and suppress the media, information and making sure the population is kept in the dark about happenings in the country. Doumbouya has once again warned through a directive that nobody within the security setup be it the armed forces, Police or any of the paramilitary agencies has the power to search except on intelligence basis.

Most of African Politicians put their relatives, friends and close associates in higher positions to avoid being exposed of their corrupt activities.

Instructions given to security men are to kill, intimidate, torture, falsely imprison, brutalised and silence bright citizens and the people with ideas. They then act as spies on the innocent masses and sometimes hire the services of a comrade among the citizenry to snitch on them.

The purpose of all this, is to make the population poor, uninformed and illiterate. That’s their main style which constitutes an act of terrorism and brutality. They do everything possible to make the population poor, uninformed and illiterate.

Doumbouya as caring as he is, is bent on ensuring that the right things are done. Most times they work with the Western world who are very eager and willing because of cheap or free resources and wealth they will get from Africa. Elite coup leader will not let that happen.

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