See emotional video of how Yolo star, Joseph Ferguson look now after getting addicted to drug$


An emotional video of the current situation of Ghanaian actor, Joseph Ferguson, who rose to fame following his role in TV series Yolo and Age 18 is going viral.

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Unfortunately, Joseph succumbed to drug use during his period of fame, leading to negative consequences.

His present appearance as compared to when he featured in both TV series has saddened many and he revealed he lost everything due to drugs

In a one on one interview, Joseph revealed he started using hard drugs in 2022 and that is what has caused his appearance to change drastically.

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The Joseph we knew in those series is not who we are seeing now. That tell you, he was extremely into the drugs.

He revealed when he began abusing the drugs, he equally began losing a lot of money and instead of being wise about it, he “saw drugs to be a remedy for the depression.”

On why he got depressed, he opened up on being an orphan who has been hustling to make ends meet so such an acting opportunity, he felt he had to go higher but wasn’t getting the opportunity to.

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Watch video below.