‘Man of the moment’- See how Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, underwent serious commando training in France, Spain, and Israel


While Condé’s devised schemes of altering the electoral rules and brutal crackdowns on opposition demonstrations set the ground for the country’s coup, these were not the only components behind his immediate fall at the hands of Colonel Mamady Doumbouya’s 300-strong special forces unit.

As an ex soldier in the French foreign legion, Doumbouya only came back home in 2011, implying his profession was uncorrupted by any relation to the brutalities linked with the final years of authoritarian and military rule. The elite soldier is bent on changing the Constitution and reverting back to proper democratic rule.

Commander Mamady Doumbouya, is an accredited licensed official of the School of War, with more than fifteen years of military experience, in particular during operational missions (Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Central African Republic) and close protection (Israel, Cyprus , United Kingdom, Guinea).

The elite soldier brightly finished the operational protection specialist exercise at the International Security Academy (Israel), the unit commanders training course at the Infantry Application School (EAI – Senegal) , the training of staff officer (EEML – Libreville) and the Paris War School.

As the leader of the Special Forces Group, he modifies and improvises to any condition that requires self-control, risk assessment and rapid decision-making.

He is highly tested commander who is able to identify and defuse dangerous problems by staying calm in the face of an aggressive surroundings and severe anxiety.

Brave Doumbouya posseses a Master 2 (bac + 5) defense and industrial dynamics at the Panthéon University Assas Paris ll. The 41 years old is a Defense Expert in Military management, command and strategy.

A well trained commondo mentor, instructor at the foreign legion in France. It is this physically impressive giant who has the heavy task of overseeing this original unit of the Guinean Armed Forces

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