See the woman that was born half body: see her husband and children


God due wonder as he like, if it has happen in one village in this country, it will have been another total story because people will be saying that she is a witch or even Her Parent do to something to her. But this happen in Europe, here is her pictures.

Her name is Rose Marie Human, she is an American actress, here is African most of these kind people are not even giving the chance to move with normal people talk less of giving they the chance of to show case their talent.

She was born 8th December 1972, according to the scientist, she is suffering from a sydromne disease know as Agenesis. This condition make her hind limbs is not in good shape.

Her parent was the one that decide to remove her leg, so that she will able to live normal life like another people.

Her condition does not make her not to give birth, as she given birthed to children and her children are looking normal and okay, the thing that affect her is not hereditary and is not common among the people.

She died few days after her 43rd Birthday on December 12 2015, she gave birth to 2 child, a boy and a girl. The name of her children Are Luke for the male child and Shelby for the girl.

See lovely photos of Rose and her family below:

God is wonderful, what did you think about the God works, let hear you out in the comment area.

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