Senegalese and Gambian Jollof Adjudged The Best in the World Ahead of Ghana and Nigeria


An Instagram food blog “Seasoned cuisine” has adjudged Senegalese and Gambian Jollof as the best in the world.

In a video commentary Shared by Nigeria’s Instagram influencer Tundeednut of how the cooking process goes, the cook was heard saying Jollof made in Senegal and Gambia are irresistible and the best.

The Jollof battle for years has been going on social media between West Africa countries notably Ghana and Nigeria.

Historians have traced the route of Jollof to be from Senegal and it’s one of those dish that people all over the world has come to love.

Ghana and Nigeria are always at each other’s neck on social media over who’s Jollof is the best.

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