Sergio Ramos expose Real Madrid, reveal the harsh treatment he received during their negotiation over a contract renewal


Sergio Ramos is leaving Real Madrid with immediate effect, ending his 16 years stay at the club where he won numerous accolades.

As much as it is a surprise to everyone, it is a surprise to Ramos himself as well. The defender during his farewell press Conference made some shocking revelations that indicates he wasn’t ready to leave the club but was forced out.

“Then club made me a one-year offer with a salary reduction. I have to say that there was no economic problem. I wanted two years and peace of mind for me and my family.” He said

As someone who has the club at Heart, Sergio accepted to sign the one year contract and that was where he had the shock of his as he was told even the one year extension is off the table.

“During the last talks, I accepted the one-year offer, but I was informed that it was no longer possible, that it had an expiration date and that I had not heard about it.” He continues

Speaking about how he felt when the decision was communicated to him, Ramos details how surprised he was to hear a contract they were negotiating has an expiry date.

“It got to a point where we had to make a decision but they never told me that the offer had an expiry date. It’s understandable but it surprised me, that the offer had expired.” Ramos added

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