Serious clash as netizens scolds Ghanaian comedian for opposing against their faith.


-Some religious believers scolds Ghanaian comedian Sdkdele for alleging that they left their Gods for the one given to them by the white man.

Sadik Sulley, popularly known as Sdkdele is a Ghanaian comedian/skit producer. He is known for acting his skits with his parents.

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The comedian took to his Facebook page to lament on why people have to worry when their prayers are not being answered.

He explained that, there is no need to worry about that after abandoning the gods you already had, for the one given to you by the white man.

Although he made mention of no religion in his post, but it was clearly a jab to the Christian and the Islamic faith, since these are the only two main religions that was introduced to us by the white men.

His followers who seems to belong to any of these two religions expressed their disappointment in the comedian under the comment section of his post.

In most of the comments on his post, some of his followers said to unfollow the comedian for speaking against their region.

However, other’s were also in support of the comedian’s claims as they opposed against the alleged white man God.

It turned out to be a heated argument as Sdkdele also took time to reply most of the comments and trolls sent to him.

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