Shatta Wale is ignorant about High life if he is still calling on artists to identify one genre of music – Kwabena Kwabena


– Kwabena Kwabena schools Shatta Wale on why High life music has long been Ghana’s music genre.

– This comes after Shatta Wale voiced out the need for his fellow musicians to come together to identify one music genre we can push worldwide.

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– The High life musician’s reaction came during an interview on Okay FM with Abeiku Santana.

Ghanaian Dancehall great, Shatta Wale days ago held a conference he dubbed ‘State of the Industry Address’ aimed at addressing some happenings in the Ghanaian music industry.

One of the many points he raised in his address is Musicians deciding on one Genre of music that the country will be attributed to when it come to Recognitions at the International level.

As good as this advice may be, It doesn’t sound well to the hearing of Kwabena Kwabena who strongly believes there is no need for that because High Life has been the Genre Ghanaian music is known for.

He went on to harshly claim the only reason 1Don is coming up with such an idea is because he is ignorant about the Entire High Life genre.

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