Shatta Wale declared as the real definition of Music


A Shatta Movement fan has declared his general, Shatta Wale as the real definition of Music.

Before making this bold statement, the said fan identified on Twitter as ‘Think Twice’ detailed how many Ghanaians accused the musician for engaging himself in unnecessary activities just for hype.

But to him that is not the case because, Shatta irrespective of his controversial activities released quite number of songs without giving it any form of promotion or schedule date before their release.

It was on this explanation that he is very convicted The Gringo hitmaker defines exactly what music is as an artist.

Shatta wale is doing this and that for attention bla bla bla but the same guy can drop like 3 songs a day with without giving time, date and even informing his fans..and u dey there saying he does somethings for hype Gyama woyale. He is the real definition of Music ?

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