Shatta Wale revealed his only problem and asked his haters to fix their sense


Musician Shatta Wale has hit back at his “haters” asking them to fix their sense and stop believing just anything they hear about him.

Shatta Wale was in the news last week for attacking a road contractor for no reason.

According to the story, Shatta Wale was not pleased as to why the contractor did not extend the road he was constructing to his office area.

The Contractor reportedly reported the issue to the East Legon police and we are yet to see how it’s going to end.

However, Shatta Wale after he came under fire from critiques swiftly did a video apologizing for his action saying all that happened was misreported but his critique are not going to take none of that and have been bashing him on social media and traditional media.

The Shatta Movement Boss took to his Snapchat to throw jab at his critiques saying such individuals will have to fix their minds for believing just anything about Shatta Wale.

Wale did a state of the art address where he touched on things he feels should be improved in the entertainment industry and what to expect for his upcoming “Gift of God” album.

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