Shatta Wale Throws His Support For Kevin Taylor


-Shatta Wale said People like Kevin Taylor should be encourage to critic them when things go wrong

-Kevin Taylor days ago called out Ghanaian celebrities saying they support other movements like end SARS in Nigeria but are scared to support “Fix The Country

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-Shatta Wale took to Snapchat to throw his support for the tough speaking America based journalist

Dancehall Star Shatta Wale has Extended a friendly call to Kevin Taylor saying he like him.

Kevin Taylor days ago called out Ghanaian celebrities for failing to support issues of National concern like “Fix The Country” meanwhile they supported End SARS in Nigeria.

Kevin Taylor in his editorial blast almost all the highly rated celebrities in Ghana asking his viewers to stop following Ghanaian celebrities since they are of themselves and not the masses.

Many would have thought this would be something Shatta Wale wouldn’t be happy about because he was part of those Kevin Taylor singled out to blast.

But Shatt Wale in his Snapchat post said he likes Kevin Taylor and said people like him must be encouraged to speak truth at all times.

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