Shatta Wale verbally attacks 3Music Awards boss for saying he’s Inconsistent and Confused


Shatta Wale has attacked Sadiq Abdulai Abu of 3Muwic awards for saying he’s confused and inconsistent.

Over the week, Shatta Wale came under fire for trying to ridicule the whole concept of Fix the Country.

His quest to grab attention in this serious period rather backfired with people unfollowing him and calling on cooperate institutions he serve as ambassador for to cancel their deals with him.

It’s all began when Shatta Wale initially called on the youth to move beyond typing on social media to take matters to the right quarters.

He made a U-turn to rather chastised to asking the country to be fixed with some infantile assertion of how people should fix their mindset in period some three youth at Ejura has lost their lives.

In a response to this Sadiq Abu of 3Music awards, an award Shatta Wale has associated himself with in the past took to Twitter to say Shatta Wale should be serious because the issues at hand is a serious one.

This tweet didn’t go well with Shatta Wale, in response in a Facebook live session, Shatta Wale verbally attacked Sadiq saying Sadiq is rather an opportunist working for himself and not the youth.

Sadiq Abdulai Abu has also hit back with multiple tweets on Twitter calling the bluff of Shatta Wale

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