Shatta Wale Dey over do things sometimes – All this money for water ?


When it comes to money and I mean plenty money, Shatta Wale from Shatta movement got it plenty in his account.

He have been talking about how rich he is in the Ghanaian music industry than his colleagues and people don’t believe him as many claims that, he is fake but that is actually not the case.

Wale love showing off his expensive cars and more just to tell the world that, he is the richest musician from Ghana. That’s how stars do it.

Well, We all know how Shatta Wale and his colleague musician, Jupitar has been rolling and doing settings off late —-both local and international.

They were spotted riding together again and Jupitar asked Wale to give him water money, but Wale ended giving him a lot of cash.

Only rich people does that.

Watch the video below;

Shatta Wale left Social media for sometime now . His reasons for doing that were not known to anyone.

He promised to be back soon. SM.

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