She don’t mean it; Check out Fella Makafui’s reply to a fan who asks her to dress like a married Lady


Fella Makafui has recently been in the news for all kinds of issues. But just some few days ago, her tight attire photos released online has caused a lot of stir?

Many are however not enthused at the way she has dressed and posted those photos into the public domain. Some of her fans have become her fierce critics.

It must be remembered that Fella Makafui got married just last year and many are of the view that a married lady should appear decently in public.

She has also responded and her response is simply to mean that married women also have the backings of their husbands.

Married women have opinions and are capable of independent thought, no matter who or what their husbands are. There are actually husbands who respect our rights to free expression and do not expect us to live in their shadows nor conform to society’s misplaced ideas of acceptable behaviours for married women.

That a married woman is active on social media does not mean she has problems at home or she’s an irresponsible mother
Most importantly mind your business.

She opined “I am married to I can’t wear a gyms wear. You guys your mentality is so shallow. I have a goddamn great body and i wouldn’t live in the fear of living my life because of society. My husband is ok”

“And oh I get paid. For this lifestyle, so far as my outfit and lifestyle ain’t causing any harm to anyone, I beg sit and enjoy, if you don’t like me don’t watch.”


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