“Shortage of [email protected] bodies is affecting Anatomy study in Nigeria” – University professor of Unilorin cries out


Anatomy as a field requires studying the human body. Most times it’s requires the body untampered. These studies aid in so many ways, drug reactions, surgeries etc.

Things like this are what brought success and progress in organ transplant. Without a body, these studies cannot be carried out. There are shortage of cadavers, meaning the bodies that are released from the mortuary for practical aspect are short, as many relatives don’t allow their [email protected] one to be used for such practices, despite its 8 students per a cadaver.

This is what this professor Moyosore Salihu Ajao is trying to say. The highly rated Nigerian professor is complaining about the shortage of [email protected] bodies to science students which are supposed to be used for experiment.

Prof. Ajao made this submission during the 24th inaugural lecture of the University of Ilorin. In explaining, he posited that it is impossible to completely comprehend the study of Anatomy from definitions and pictorial illustrations. Since [email protected] bodies can’t be purchased at the market, it is really becoming problematic.

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