“Sin Can never take you to hell” Pastor


– A Christian Preacher has stirs controversy with claims Sin can never take humans to hell.

– He said this while preaching his congregants during a sermon.

– In his preaching, he stated that Jesus has already died for our sins hence we are safe.

Religion has taught us that when humans love their lives on earth committing sins, it is a clear sign they are not going to make it to heaven.

But this is completely different according to the man of God who argued that there is no way Jesus will die for our sins and that same sin will be leading people to hell.

“Sin can never take a man to hell, never!!! How can Jesus who is God die to pay sin and then sin now stands up to claim men” He screams

He continued his preaching that Jesus did not Collapse before his death neither did he die out of Accident but he intentionally died to pay for sins and that clearly means our sins have been paid for.

Did Jesus died or he fainted? Did he die or he collapsed? Was it a mistaken death or intentional? And why did he died intentionally? For our sins therefore sin has been paid” he told his congregants.


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