Smart Little Girl Shows The Bunch Of Coins She Made After She Decided Not To Give Offering In Church But Saved It.


A little girl shows off the bunch of coins she made from the money given to her by her mother for church offering but decided to save it.

For the recent times, there has been a debate going on between Christian believers and those who doubt the faith.

One person that mostly comes in mind when such debates are made is Avram Ben Moshe, a non-religious believer who has risen against religious people, Christianity to be precised.

Such comments from people, opposing against the Christian faith is what the little girl in the video, believed to have come across.

According to the little girl, her uncle said he heard someone on Facebook in Ghana advising people not to give their money to Pastors.

Since then, she decided not to give offering in the church again when her mother gives her money.

She opened the bag where she decided to keep the supposed church offering money, filled with bunch of coins.

“Save your money to buy the stuff you need because the Pastors are buying their houses, their shoes and everything for their children and family. If they need money, let God give them.” She ended with an advice to viewers.

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