Snoop Dog reacts to the video of Chinese showing their Kun-fu skills during a fight in Ghana


American rapper Snoop Dog has reacted to a viral video of a Chinese fighting a black co worker

In the video, a black man was seen addressing his fellow black men in what is suggested to be a meeting, whiles these Chinese nationals were standing starring at them with one speaking Chinese harshly to them.

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All of a sudden, the grieved Chinese man then approached the black man with a first punch as the black man also revenged with a kick.

This Chinese national then went ahead to grab a spear-stick with an attempt to stab the black man to death as the other black people prevented him.

Snoop Dog took to his Instagram page to share the video which have seen some voice added to it

The video has since seen many reaction with people questioning how and why the Chinese was the first to attack the black skin man.

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