So long as an armed robber returned successfully from robbery and didn’t die, it was God who protected him; Nana Agradaa hints


Nana Agradaa has made some controversial statements concerning armed robbery and its connection to the blessing and protection of God

The renowned fetish priestess and self acclaimed Evangelist Nana Agradaa now known as Patricia has made some statement in reaction to Naana’s Brown’s insult against her.

She has in recent times been at loggerheads with her former employee Naana who alleged that her mistress was a fraudster duping people to pay her.

Agradaa in response on a live Facebook post opined “did you know that love celebrates when it sees others prosper in the Lord! I have fed you before and you have to respect me.

When someone shares the Blessing of the Lord in their life with you, do you celebrate with them, or envy their prosperity? Are you walking in love, or allowing the enemy to introduce the devilish force of envy into your life: specifically designed to hinder and even halt your love walk?

Decide today that you will walk in love and celebrate with those that see the manifestation of God’s goodness in their lives.

I want to remind you of proverbs, that God Almighty is a God of no partiality and if He will Bless them, He will surely Bless you and Bless all that walk in love and follow His word.

Be that person and stop the hate, the one that walks in love, and watch God work His Blessing into your life, as well. I have not gotten enough time for you and I am not the soft type of christians who will sweep things under the carpet.

I am better than those that claim they are Christians yet still set confusion between brethren. An armed robber can have the protection of God and rob successfully. So upon all his evil deeds God’s protection is is with him. So long as the armed robber returned successfully from the robbery and didn’t die, it was God who protected him.

Those calling me a scammer can also go out and practice fraud if they are bold enough to feed and cater for their family. You were hungry and I fed you and the person who has bought food for you before must be respected.”

You can watch the video below

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