Social Media User hilariously begs Cristiano Ronaldo to adopt him because Akufo Addo’s government is unbearable


A social media user has hilariously sent a message to Cristiano Ronaldo under his picture to have him adopted because he cannot keep up with the hardship in Ghana.

It’s obviously one of those comical comments you are likely to bump into under post of famous people.

Ronaldo who is having his holiday had shared a picture of himself topless.

The guy whose name is Kagawa Farhan came in with a comment saying President Akufo Addo of Ghana promised to build a better Ghana but things are not as he promised hence Ronaldo should try his possible best to adopt him.

Ronaldo crushed out of the euros with his Portugal team recently and having cool time with his family after a difficult season with Juventus.

He was also announced as the most priced celebrity on Instagram judging from his over 300 million followers.

Ronaldo is said to be in the region of charging close to 2 million pounds for each post he makes on Instagram.

He is among the richest athletes of all time and thus not far fetched if a follower is calling on him to adopt him because of vile economic issues on his country 

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