“Some Men will come to see your mother just to eat you” King of Accra’s advice to Women on Mothers Day


Legendary Ghanaian sound engineer cum musician, King of Accra has given a needed advice to women that most guys will not be happy to see.

While everyone is busy celebrating all women on mother’s day, King of Accra is also trying to let them understand certain tricky moments guys can use just to have a way down there.

In his statement, he made it known that not all men who visits their partner’s parents are actually interested in getting married to her, some just want to fool the lady into giving out her body.

“Women, there are some men who will come as far as seeing your mom, do not be fooled, he just want eat.” He wrote

Truth is there are many ladies out there who are tired of disappointments and really do not want to give out their body to any man unless the man has taken some steps that will indicate his seriousness in settling with her just like Mzvee and Yemi Alade portrayed in their collaboration dubbed “Come and See My Mother”

As a result some men also developed the strategy of going to the length of seeing a lady’s mother to introduce themselves just to signal the lady of a strong interest, unfortunately it’s still going to end in tears for the lady after any form of sexual activity and this is a situation the Odeshie singer is making clear to all women out there.

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