Somizi Supports A Black Owned Bank.


In South Africa, black owned businesses have always gained a soft spot for most of the celebrities because it is heartwarming to see black people entering the competitive market.

When it is a black woman owned business, it is even more applaudable because of the many obstacles which seek to restrict women from entering male dominated spaces.

This is the case with Nthabeleng Likotsi, who is the first woman to own a mutual bank in South Africa, called Young Women Business Network (YWBN).

However, according to IOL, within 72 hours of trading in the market, the bank managed to sell a million shares which seems amazing.

One of the people who bought the shares was popular South African media personality, Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung.

He has always made it clear that he will always support black people and their businesses, and he is sticking to his word.

Nthabeleng thanked Somgaga for the support and even allowed him to speak at the media briefing.

She quoted a very powerful piece from his speech which said:

They had to oppress us because they knew what black people can achieve, but our time is now, black child, we have arrived.” 

Nthabeleng posted pictures of the two of them on twitter and thanked Somizi for the support.

In most cases, Somizi also proves that he is a philanthropist at heart as he always helps those who seek help on his timeline.

Being it a businessman who needs to sell stock so they can stay afloat, or whether it is an artist who needs support, or it could be an organisation that seeks funding, he is always there to support.

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