South African Celebrities Who Have Battled Depression.


Despite the lavish lifestyle of most celebrities and their presentable looks that comes with wealth, most people think celebrities do not go through emotional traumas and depression.

Here is a list of celebrities who still battles with depression and anxiety even in their situation.

1. Betty Kyalo.

Betty’s experience in emotional trauma happened when her marriage ended just a month after her overrated wedding ceremony.

Followed by her beloved daughter’s contraction to a deadly disease that sent her to the ICU.

Betty allegedly became frustrated and went so low according to her.

2. Kamene Goro.

Kamene’s depression went so far as she even took a bottle of pills to end her life but it didn’t work out.

This was after her marriage to a wealthy Businessman became toxic because the man was a serial cheater.

3. Naiboi.

Naiboi revealed in an interview to had battled depression that was related to social media trolls.

4. Lilian Muli.

Just like Betty and Kamene, Lilian’s depression was also associated with divorce and being cheated numerous times by her ex-husband.

5. Avril.

Avril has clearly made it known to her fans on social media concerning her mental health.

After going through ups and downs in life and public humiliation, Lilian has also suffered from string of heartbreaks.

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