“Sowing seeds, paying tithes won’t give you financial breakthroughs” – Daddy Freeze warns


Popular Nigerian On-Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has reminded Christians that their religious leaders continue to hoodwink them into parting away with their monies all the time by associating progress in life with tithes and sowing of seeds. 

He made this statement while reacting to billionaire Elon Musk, who made $36billion in a single day on the historic surge of Tesla’s stock, making him the world’s wealthiest man alive.

According to Freeze, Musk doesn’t pay tithes or sow seeds or even pray and fast as most Christians do, yet he’s prospering. He, therefore, asked them not to buy into the usual fraud that tells them to give these pastors money to guarantee their financial security.

He asked to rather focus more on their spirituality and seek salvation. Sharing his post on Twitter, he wrote;

“This man doesn’t pay tithe, sow seed or give offering. He doesn’t pray or fast either.Stop thinking that paying tithes or sowing seeds will make you wealthy. Religion is a spiritual exercise. Focus your spirituality on how to be a better person and on how to attain salvation. Rich people don’t pray for money, they work for it.

Sowing seeds and paying tithes for financial breakthrough is FRAUD! Your pastors have sold you this lie to make themselves wealthy, at the expense of your rational thinking.Wake up!”

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