Stop Acting All Wise Galamsey Feeds Thousands of People- Youngman blast Twene Jonas says, Nobody Can Stop Galamsey


-Twene Jonas has been advocating for Galamsey to be stopped completely.

-His commentary seem to have angered a young man who says he does Galamsey and sent some advise to Jonas about what to say

A video of a young man sending shots at Twene Jonas for advocating for illegal mining aka Galamsey to be clamped down has gone viral.

In the video, the unhappy young man said he does Galamsey and makes a living out of it plus thousands of others.

As such it cannot be that easy for people to say government should clamp down on Galamsey when there are no better jobs.

Among the issues he raised are how much one can earn while working in Ghana. He displayed Ghana cedi notes saying that’s how much he earns.

His advice to to Twene Jonas is to speak about things that will benefit everyone and not marginalized some people.

The view has been met with divided views online

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