Suspected iPhone Fraudster Arrested By The Police After An Attempt To Dupe A Buyer.


A 22 year-old internet fraudster gripped and arrested by the Ghana Police at Accra Mall for defrauding people under the pretext of selling iPhones to them.

According to reports sited on the official Facebook page of the Ghana Police Service, the guy identified as Vincent Tawiah has been doing this for long time but unfortunately for him, his cup have become full.

The suspected iPhone Fraudster is known to advertise the iPhones on Instagram and other social media platforms for marketing at a cost less than the market prices of iPhones.

If by any chance and he gets interested persons, he will go by any means to get them convinced so that they will send him the money through mobile money and that will be all.

When caught, other victims who he has defrauded them have also testified to had been duped by Vincent.

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