“TB Joshua caused a lot of harm to many people especially LGBTQ folks who he conducted ‘conversion’ therapy on” – LGBTQ activist, Pamela Adie


– Late Nigerian man of God, prophet TB Joshua has been accused of causing harm to LGBTQ folks.

– This Allegation were made by an LGBTQ activist, Pamela Adie after his death.

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Following the death of the popular Nigerian prophet, TB Joshua, many people have been accusing of doing many wrongs in his church.

The latest accuser is Pamela Adie who is an LGBTQ activist.

According to Pamela Adie, The late Prophet TB Joshua has caused a lot of harm to the LGBTQ folks in the society for conducting a ‘conversion’ therapy on”

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“I can understand if TB Joshua was your pastor and you’re mourning him. He wasn’t my pastor so I’m under no obligation whatsoever to mourn him.

What I don’t understand and will not accept is those saying “it’s not the right time” to comment on his attrocities.

When is it ever the “right time” to hold these evil people accountable?

When they’re alive, their followers will tell you “touch not my anointed”, when they die, they’ll say “ allow the family mourn”.


What about the grave injustices they committed? Those who lost their lives because of their lies and deception?

When will be the right time for them to get justice or even be heard?

TB Joshua was a harmful man who is responsible for the death of so many of the desperate and gullible people who went to him to seek help at their lowest points. He took advantage of them and they lost their lives.

Countless stories of people who died in the synagogue waiting for anointing oil and miracle water to work. People who had AIDS and other serious illnesses stopped taking their medication because they believed he could cure them. Of course they eventually died.

What about the time when his building collapsed and over 100 people died. What happened? His defense was that a strange plan flew over the building before it collapsed, so it was an attack.


The investigation revealed that the building had structural defects that led to it collapse.

Where’s the justice for that?? NONE!

Who went to jail for that? No one.

Not a single soul was held accountable. He didn’t even show up in court. There are reports that he allegedly paid reporters to kill the story. That was how everything disappeared from the news.

What about the people he said he “cured” homosexuality? The fake “conversion” therapy he performed from TV screens and in his church? The damage that caused to many families by giving them false hope that their family members will be “cured”, even though a person’s Sexual orientation is not a disease.

Who gets justice for that? Who?

He got sick and was on the way to hospital when he passed, while people were in his church waiting for his anointing oil to heal them.


But you people want to whitewash history and shut people up for speaking up about the henious crimes he committed.

You don’t give a hoot about his family grieving or whatever nonsense you come up with in your head and spew out of your mouths.

You just don’t want to hear the truth about a person you probably liked and adored because it makes you feel bad.


Yes, I’m very angry.

You’re under no obligation to like or comment on my post, feel free to move on to the next one.

You don’t see me in people’s post telling them what to talk about. So don’t bring that shit here.

If you’re so pained, go express it on your wall.”

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