Ten Guinean special forces arrested and sent to military court for serious offences; Doumbouya must be worried


The military is not a service but a force hence it requires serious individuals who are willing to sacrifice everything they have, and pay the ultimate price for their country. Stringent measures are put in place to ensure any civilian enlisted into the armed forces, becomes discipline and completely transformed into a different human being capable of killing or willing to die.

In the Guinea, there are military codes which soldiers are supposed to abide by irrespective of their unit, position or rank. Your loyalty is not to single individual but to the country and any action which will drag the name of the military into disrepute will never be tolerated. Ten soldiers who aided the Coup leader, Dombouya to stage a successful coup against the octogenarian Alpha Conde have been apprehended and made to stand trial.

The crimes committed is undeserving of soldiers and hence they are compelled to face military discipline. There are various disciplines used by senior commanders in the army to punish units or large groups guilty of capital offences, such as cowardice, mutiny, desertion, and insubordination, and for rebellious offences.

After the successful coup of September 5th, some of these accused special forces soldiers who were stationed at the Sekouh Toureh Palace broke into safe boxes and made away with huge sums of stolen stolen money. 

A second incident happened when a search conducted in a military vehicle driven by two special forces soldiers uncovered 245 million francs in the trunk. The third one included an officer who was caught stealing object from the presidential palace and all of these officers have been ordered to appear before the military Court to answer for their actions.

Doumbouya has called these soldiers in the military to order and will ensure that the discipline which used to characterise the military is instilled into them.

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